Case Study 1

Test Automation Case Study

A large Government Sponsored Entity uses Misys Summit FT for Debts, Derivatives and Liquidity trade processing.

Misys Summit FT is a cross-asset front-to-back solution specializing in derivatives and structured products for global investment banks.

Summit FT is a complex trading platform and has over 123 active clients globally. The current release is the accumulation of over 20 years of derivatives market experience and growth.

  • Software is now delivered on a bi-monthly Service Packs schedule
  • Bug fixes for all clients,along with new features, are now part of the core offering
  • More frequent regression testing is required to stay current

The client had a long test cycle which is conducted by multiple QA Analysts. Testing was manually intensive, long, error prone and costly.

Attempts were made towards an automated solution but was abandoned when proved unstable and unreliable. Marquis was asked to provide a solution using HP QTP.

Marquis built a framework around HP QC and HP QTP to harness computing power to expedite error detection. As a result, much less human power is required to identify issues. Human effort is now redeployed to troubleshooting and remediation of defects.

The framework performs functional regression testing of the Summit User Interface and, with added Java driven engines, performs non-functional regression of key table database tables (such as dmPOSTINGEVENTS, dmASSET, dmENVELOP), extracts, documents (such as Wires, Inception, Advices, etc.) and reports (such as Expected Payments, etc.)

Marquis' test automation framework tremendously expedited the test cycle allowing for fast error detection and troubleshooting.

The end-to-end test cycle, comprising functional testing of the GUI and non-functional testing of key components, is reduced from six weeks to one week. A team of three analysts took four weeks to compile the nearly 2000 test case using the user-friendly framework.

The framework design allows for silo test harnesses and distributed test execution. With this the harness is divided by asset class and each division runs concurrently. This allows for the entire harness of approximately 2000 functional test cases to cycle within six hours.

"Marquis built a robust framework around the prior production release of Summit FT. The test harness from this release formed the baseline for regression testing of the latest version of Summit FT. With minimal update to the framework it was used to regression test the latest version of Summit FT in a record timescale. "



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