Case Study 2

Test Automation Case Study

A large Wealth Management Company using two instances of Summit FT (V5.3 and V5.6) for front-to-back processing of Interest Rate Derivatives and Fixed Income Securities and Repurchases.

Customer needed to consolidate on a single instance of Summit FT but in order to do so one instance needed to be upgraded followed by a merging of both instances.

In prior upgrade customer experienced long test cycles, which were conducted by multiple QA Analysts. Testing was manually intensive, long, error prone and costly.

Built Automation Test Scripts containing a total of 16,000 Test Steps (~600 Test Cases), covering:

  • Functional Regression of Life Cycle Events:
    • Swaps, Swaptions, Cap, Floor, FRA, Exotic, Bonds, Repos
    • Payment Instructions
    • Auto Rate Reset
    • Schedules (Cashflow, Exercise)
    • Derived Data
    • Defaulted Data
    • Risk Measures
    • Workflow
    • Referential Data (Customer, Bond Definition and Settlement Instructions)
  • Regression Test Extracts, Reports and Documents:
    • Accounting Regression over 5 logical Date Rolls (Including Weekend and Month End Scenarios)
    • Twenty five core and custom reports and extracts
    • Custom Reports
    • Documents (Inception, Payment and Reset Advices, etc.)
    • Database Entities Regression Test

*Test was conducted on Two Intel Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60 GHz and 8.00 GB of RAM

  • Test Case Planning, Design and Build - Duration: 3 Months (include converting manual test steps to MARS recognizable format)
  • For UI Regression
    • Duration to run and create baseline: 24 Hours
    • Duration to run regression against baseline: 24 Hours
  • For File Regression: 24 Hours (done in parallel with UI testing)
    • Accounting Postings Regression
    • Database Entity Regression
    • Batch Files Regression
  • Defect tracking and Management: 10 Days (including review and trouble-shooting)



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