Test Automation

Test Automation

Radically shortens testing cycle, cuts costs and decreases project risks.
Marquis' test automation framework harnesses computing power to drastically reduce the testing cycle for small to enterprise wide and complex applications. This robust keyword and data driven hybrid framework increases the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of your software testing.


Full Integration with HP QTP/UFT for Functional Testing:Automation framework works in conjunction with HP QC (Quality Center) and HP QTP (Quick Test Pro)/UFT (Unified Functional Test) to perform functional testing of Windows Desktop and Web-based applications

Regression Testing of Non Functional Components: Configurable engines to automatically compare database tables/SQL extracts, documents, reports (XML or text) between application releases

Rapid Automation Test Script Building: Automation test scripts are put together from a library of user-friendly keywords in an easy to use IDE. This allows non-technical resources to build and maintain test cases that perform test scenarios with varying degree of complexity

A Platform for Building and Executing Projects: A collection of test cases, corresponding test data and relevant artefacts.

Test Cases: A repository of over 2000 reusable test cases

Test Execution Reports: Results of each execution step with PASS/FAIL and optional screen snapshot

Verbose Logging: For easy retrieval and investigation

Email alerts: To inform all relevant parties of the issues

Marquis Automation Reusable System (MARS)

MARS is a keyword driven framework with specific focus on Capital Markets vendor- based and homegrown applications.

  • Flexible keyword and data driven hybrid framework for GUI and Integration testing
  • Provides utilities for comparison of reports and dashboard feedback
  • Scalable to support large number of test cases
  • Reduction of up to 60% in time and effort for regression test execution
  • Inventory of end-to-end test cases available for Fixed Income and Derivatives trade processing
  • Supports leading vendor-based trading systems, such as Misys Summit



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