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IT/DevOps Services

Marquis engineers work in an DevOps ecosystem providing continuous delivery and a consistently high level of software quality. DevOps establishes close collaboration between software engineers, IT operations and the client by automating and optimizing the software development cycle. Our expertise will help you synchronize your business needs to your IT requirements by optimizing delivery, deployment and development of your custom software. Our engineers have expertise in a wide verity of technologies including AWS, Azure, Docker and Jenkins.

Marquis recommends solutions and deploys the appropriate technology to create profit opportunities and solve real business challenges, based on what is best for each individual customer.

Debt, Treasury and Capital Markets Practice

Immense subject matter expertise around the Capital Markets products and industry.

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Business Process Automation & Optimization

Marquis as an organization is focused on delivering the highest quality work products based upon well-defined functional requirements.

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3rd Party Vendors

With over twenty-five years’ experience in the Financial Services and Capital Markets, we are an end to end solution provider.

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