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MARS - Robotics Testing Framework

Robotics Testing of User Interfaces, Data Formats and Data Sources in Three Easy Steps

Test Automation Made Easy

Marquis Automation Reusable System (MARS) is a keyword driven

framework with specific focus on vendor based and homegrown applications for treasury and Capital Markets.

Why use MARS?

Generate exponential ROI via time and money saved with automation and re-usable test cases
Lower operational risks with automation
Produce higher quality results. Easily group results by trade types, accounts.


  • Keyword driven editor used to define tests, enabling business end-users and technical QA staff alike an easy migration path from traditional testing to automated testing
  • Cloud Application – can be installed on Azure, AWS or private cloud.
  • Specialized software to control the execution of tests
  • Scheduling engine to make efficient use of hardware resources
  • Statistical reporting engine to meet individual governance or regulatory requirements

What is it?

  • Tools to playback predefined manual steps into the System Under Test (SUT)
  • Tools to compare actual with expected results
  • Tools to report the test success or failure to the testing team
  • Tools to schedule tests without human interaction

When to use?

  • Regression testing one release, or service-pack, to the previous
  • Data-driven testing where the same tests are executed with different input data
  • Performance testing
  • Stress testing